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Why BooBoobTape? 😍

BooBoobTape offers a more freeing approach to breast support, by allowing for the optimal lift and comfort for any breast size. In conventional bra design, the underwire which is the support system in the bra tends to deform and wear out causing the bra to effectively change sizes. This can lead to irritable pains in the breast, rib, and lower back. With that being said, all ladies know there is nothing worst than having a bra ruin your day. 

How To Apply

Head over to our How-To page for a written 3-step tutorial!

What our Boob Tape has to offer

A few of many upsides to our product.

waterproof boob tape

waterproof. 💦

hypoallergenic. 🌿

hypoallergenic boob tape
cruelty free boob tape

cruelty-free. ♥

danceproof. 💃🏽

danceproof boob tape
boob tape result

BooBoobTape is ideal for a...

Latest review

I needed something to wear under my dress for a bachelorette party coming up. I had a beautiful deep V dress picked out, but nothing to wear under it! I scrambled everywhere to find anything that would work. At last, I found boo boob tape online, ordered it, and it was on my doorstep within a few days. I was amazed at how comfortable it was, it allowed for just enough booby cleavage, that gave off a firm look, without egregious spillage, which us women with large breasts know all too well. Thx boo!



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