1. How long does the adhesive last?

12 hours of complete support. Certainly lasts a full night out.

2. Is BooBoobTape waterproof?

BooBoobTape is waterproof, tear-proof, heat-proof, and most importantly dance proof.


3. Does the tape leave a sticky residue?

The tape never leaves a sticky residue, as it is based on medical-grade level kinesiology tape, which is made to come off cleanly.

4. Does BooBoobTape cause irritation?

BooBoobTape has been proven to not cause irritation on the skin as it is derived from a medical-grade tape, but if you do feel irritation with the tape it is advised you remove it.

5. How long does delivery take?

BooBoobTape usually delivers within 3-5 days with standard shipping if you live in the US.