Our Story

Let's be honest, most bras are not that flattering, especially when paired with certain dresses that are meant to accentuate breasts; Sometimes, they simply cover up too much. What BooBoobTape allows for is adequate support as well as the freedom of going braless. The problem with conventional bras is the construct of the bands and underwires. The way a conventional bra is designed is to provide complete support for the breasts, but it's clunkiness and unnatural feel doesn't do the person wearing it any favors.

This is why BooBoobTape’s team decided to come up with a new product that allows women to feel better in what they're wearing. After a few bottles of wine and some wonderful brainstorming, We had an idea. Placing duct tape or gaffer tape on the breasts at the time felt silly, but we knew we were headed in the right direction. We set out to find material that made more sense to wear on your skin. Eventually we soon found kinesiology tape, a form of medical tape meant to wear in athletics for physical therapy. All we needed to do now was figure out in what form the kinesiology tape would be best shaped to allow for use on all sizes of breasts.

The regular tape rolls, pasties, and lift forms were thought up. Now it's as simple as a few clicks to have these innovative freeform breasts support products shipped directly to you. We feel this product truly allows women all over the world to feel better about what they wear and more importantly feel more comfortable. Go out dancing, swimming, running, or even sit at home, whatever you do, be fabulous with BooBoobTape.